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UCI Business Conference

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Gaming Panel

Arin Goldsmith.jpeg
Arin Goldsmith
Talent Marketing Specialist
@ Blizzard Entertainment
Tim Erskine.jpeg
Tim Erskine
Sr. Manager of Game Production
@ Riot Games
Christian Lee.jpeg
Christian Lee
Global Sales Manager
Ricky Antonelli.jpeg
Ricky Antonelli
Sr. Business Analyst for Story Development
@ Blizzard Entertainment

Food Panel

Vadim Parizher.jpeg
Vadim Parizher
VP of Technology
@ Taco Bell
Josh Villegas .jpeg
Josh Villegas
Director of Corporate Strategy and Analytics
@ BJ's
Jenny Valles.jpeg
Jenny Valles
Owner of Sampa Restaurant

Brandon Blosser.jpeg
Brandon Blosser
Sr. Manager. Process Innovation 
@ Chipotle


Health Panel

Sam Choi.jpg
Sam Choi
VP of Digital Design
@ CVS Health
Bonnie Zhang.jpg
Bonnie Zhang
VP of Data Managment and Biometrics
@ Edwards Lifesciences
Clive Pinto.jpeg
Clive Pinto
Head of HR
@ Johnson & Johnson
Christy Lindsey Headshot.jpeg
Christy Lindsey
VP of Performance and Strategic Execution
@ Kaiser

Beauty/Fashion Panel

Bryan Mora
Sr. Manager, Costing & Pricing
@ Vans
Grace Lim
Sr. Director, Brand & Product Marketing
@ Rare Beauty
Ashley Rezkalla
Global Product Line Manager
@ Deckers Brand
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