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2023-2024 MUSA Election Information

Elected Board Members will have the valuable opportunity to become engaged with a core function of undergraduate student representation and leadership at the School of Business. Information is provided below on MUSA’s role in the Business School as well as the positions available.

​Founded in 2009, MUSA has grown to represent over 1500+ undergraduate Business Administration and Business Information Management students' academic and professional interests as the official governing body for the undergraduates at The Paul Merage School of Business. The organization creates programs, activities and other similar services designed to facilitate interaction between students, administration, faculty, alumni, and other organizations of the business community


  • You must be a Business Administration or Business Information Management major. 

  • You must be attending classes at UCI until the end of the next academic Winter Quarter (e.g. If you are graduating earlier or studying abroad, you cannot run for an executive board position).

  • You must be in good standing with the University.

  • You cannot be a president of another club and hold the Presidency in the MUSA.  If elected to both, you must select only one position, and resign from the other.


February 12, 2023: MUSA Board Applications Due

February 19, 2023: Campaign Materials Due

February 22, 2023: Campaign Video Due

February 27, 2023: Voting Opens March 3, 2023: Voting Closes

Note: The MUSA Executive Board reserves the right to enforce reasonable oversight of the general election process.

Descriptions of the positions are available in the MUSA Constitution

Executive Vice President 
Vice President of External Relations 
Vice President of Internal Relations
Vice President of Academic Affairs 
Vice President of Finance
Vice President of Communications 
Vice President of Technology
Vice President of Community Development
Vice President of Diversity
Vice President of Graduate/Alumni Relations
​Still have questions about the positions? Contact for more information.

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