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MUSA Representative Program

​The MUSA Representatives Program (often referred to as MUSA Reps) is a program aimed to connect first year Merage students with the many resources we have here at Merage, including business organizations, career opportunities, Merage events, and so much more.

The program is a collaborative and interactive space with weekly workshops during Fall and Winter Quarter that foster knowledge, advice, and opportunities, and is a great way to kickstart your development of business and leadership skills. 

The program is organized by our Executive Board and led by our Vice President of Internal Relations.



"MUSA Representatives was one of the first organizations I joined at UCI. I immediately found myself in a community full of individuals with the same passion, desire, and motivation to constantly learn from and teach others. This program gave me insight into the spectrum of Merage clubs and organizations, and introduced me to the diverse interests of Merage students. I was lead by passionate mentors who have provided me with countless opportunities to grow. Their guidance has helped me shape my professional aspirations-- and I continue to consider them as my role models as I move forward in my college career. Not only was I able to develop professionally through weekly workshops, but I was able to build life-long relationships with a driven class of representatives. Joining MUSA Representatives was one of the best decisions I made and I hope future representatives are able to have a similar fulfilling experience!"

Grace Till
MUSA REP 2019-2020

adrian musa.jpeg

"Joining MUSA has been one of the highlights of my freshman year. This was the first organization that I joined which helped me expand on my professionalism and also sparked my interests in other clubs and fraternities. Through the MUSA Representatives program, I was able to see all the opportunities that the Paul Merage School of Business has to offer, whether it be workshops on how to craft a strong resume or even bringing in guest speakers from various companies in the business field. All in all, MUSA has shaped me to become a more focused and better individual and has given me a family that I can depend on."

Adrian Siu
MUSA REP 2019-2020

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