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Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) UCI

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Facebook: Alpfa Uci
Instagram: alpfa.uci

The Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) is the longest standing and largest national minority-based organization with over 95,000 active members. ALPFA is a nationally recognized organization that aims to empower and develop Latinx men and women as business leaders, in every sector of the global economy. We partner with different firms in finance, consulting, accounting, and much more.

Why should you join?
In addition to networking and professional leadership development opportunities, our members have access to over 50,000 paid summer internships through hundreds of Fortune 1000 corporate partners. We aspire to be the business partner of choice for companies seeking to hire and develop Latinx talent.​


Student Testimonial

"As secretary of ALPFA this year, I am excited to help create a community where Latinx students can develop themselves as professionals. I hope to create a space where we can have conversations within the Merage School about how we can best support the Latinx community during their time at UCI.”
- Jocelyn Paola Manzo, BA '23

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