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Sigma Eta Pi

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Founded in 2011 at UCLA, Sigma Eta Pi is a professional co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity dedicated to transforming individuals into entrepreneurs who follow their passion, developing lasting connections in the university startup community, and creating impact through innovative ventures. ​ The Kappa Chapter at UCI was founded in January of 2022 and we have quickly become the home for all the entrepreneurial and innovative students at UCI. We educate our members with knowledge of the startup ecosystem, the venture process, and equip them with concrete skills from the diverse backgrounds of our organization.

Why should you join?

Sigma Eta Pi is the premier entrepreneurship organization at UC Irvine, and it empowers its members to start new ventures, explore different industries, and learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Our close-knit community has a strong network in the entrepreneurship scene with connections to startups, venture capital firms, and successful entrepreneurs. Our Founder's Education curriculum is specially designed to give new members the framework needed to build a startup from ideation all the way to pitching, allowing you to grow tremendously in the process. Sigma Eta Pi is the perfect spot for the entrepreneurially inclined to take action and launch themselves into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.



"Sigma Eta Pi (SEP) has greatly contributed to making me more confident in myself and my abilities. Before SEP, I believed that my startup, CLEARLY, would stay as an idea until I got older/had more money/finished school/etc… However, with the resources and support SEP gave me, my team was able to pitch it at our first Demo Day and win first place! They continue to push me to pursue larger opportunities, and I couldn’t be more grateful for such a solid support system. My favorite memory at SEP would definitely have to be the week before Demo Day. Things are ROUGH, but I guess that’s what makes it fun. The environment is very chaotic and stressful, but the feeling of relief and pride after accomplishing everything is unrivaled. If you have an idea that you want to make a reality, I would HIGHLY urge you to give SEP a chance to help you make that possible. There’s a lot of risks and uncertainties that come with entrepreneurship, but everyone here works hard to make sure that you will be supported along the way." - Alexia Rudh

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